Coming Fall 2018!

Adopt an Alpaca

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own alpaca but don’t have a farm of your own?

FiShear Farm and Fiber has the next best thing:

Adopt an Alpaca

For only $15 a month ($180 a year) you can sponsor your very own alpaca at FiShear Farm and Fiber! 

1 Year Adoption Benefits ($180)

Important Information: While adopting an alpaca with us does make you an important part of the FiShear Farm family, adoptions are symbolic and do not grant any ownership rights towards our alpacas. We love visitors but as a small family farm we request visitation be scheduled in advance to protect the safety and privacy of our farm. All visitors must be accompanied by a FiShear Farm staff member at all times. Upon the highly unlikely and tragic event that your adopted alpaca passes away during the course of your sponsorship we will offer a sponsorship transfer to an alpaca of your choice.